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Why building a new home with Taylor Made Homes is best

  1. Check if you are eligible for the First Home Builders Boost of $20,000 Contact us and we’ll let you know.
  2. Stamp duty payments are less when you build your new home with Taylor Made Homes.  You only pay for the land package.  Purchase a second- hand home and you pay on the entire value of the land and house.
  3. There are high standards in structure, ventilation and fire guaranteed on Taylor Made Homes projects.  Our new homes are also designed to meet standards that reduce your energy consumption.  That equals more future saving costs.
  4. Maintenance is less on our new home designs.  The most contemporary designs and materials mean no nasty surprises or costly renovations when you choose Taylor Made Homes.
  5. You have the final say.  Your design.  Your good taste.  Your budget.  Taylor Made Homes are trusted local builders in North West Tasmania.  Call us today.


Buying the Land

You must research your land before purchasing to build your home.  So often costs are incurred that are more to do with the location of the building site, as opposed to your construction costs.  Taylor Made Homes therefore are honest with you at the outset about the challenges with working in certain environments.  Simple research, contacting your local council will ensure you are in the know when it comes to any land- use setbacks or certain zoning requirements.

Check for any covenants that may not suit your lifestyle.  Some may restrict the style, type, size or location of your home.

Do you have access to utilities such as water, sewerage and electricity?  If the land does not have water services, find out about the water rights, any access points you may have to a creek or dam?  Will you need to bore, or to catch water?  If there is no sewerage then you will have to allow for a septic system.

Your New Block

Congratulations, you are a proud land owner with grand building schemes we would love to help you achieve here at Taylor Made Homes.  We would really like to know what your block is actually like.  Do you have good drainage?  Will the block need to be levelled or cleared for construction?

The direction your block faces will determine how best to build your home.  In our home state, Tasmania we all LOVE to make the most of the sunshine, especially in the cooler months that seem to stretch out for plenty of the year.  You will need to consider living arrangements, such as whether you really want your sundrenched rooms or alfresco designed areas facing onto the street.  We want our clients to be in their element, living their best lives in their Taylor Made Home so we want to make sure you are happy with your building block and how the designed home will be positioned on the land before a project gets underway.

Sometimes things on paper are not as they appear in real life.  Check for easements that may affect your building site.  By measuring the block you will come face to face with any neighbouring buildings, fences or driveways that may not fit in with your plans.

Down to the dirt

Do you have any indication, as to what soil type we will be working on when building your Taylor Made Home?  It is important for owners to have an idea about this.  It can determine much about how your design will fit in with the environment you have chosen to live.  Ask a neighbour, how their soil may have been classed and if it affected their home build, or invest in a soil test to ensure you have made the best decision at the outset.  There are cost risks if the soil type is not favourable for your home design.

Blocks For Sale

The Fairways at Seabrook


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Rarely does this incredible opportunity to purchase a premium block located on Tasmania's scenic coastline becomes available.

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The homes must now comply with quite a few government and local council regulations.
Here are a few Taylor Made Homes & Building Services want to let you in on before we get underway!

  • Tasmanian new homes must comply with energy testing, carried out in the drafting stage of the building process.
  • Double glazing is recommended except for sheds and garages and in some cases thermally broken windows maybe required.
  • A shadow plan will be drawn up, as required to ensure your new home will not impact sun exposure to your neighbours.
  • Before building begins, plans must go through the process of approval which in the case of Taylor Made Homes requires your local council and building surveyors onside.
  • A planning permit will be obtained through council in relation to the zoning of your building site.  Once zoned, a building surveyor will check aspects such as foundations, framing, light, ventilation, fire safety, safe access, materials and compliance with setbacks.  Once the plans are returned to council a permit will be issued and we are ready to make your design a reality!


In your own time, answer these design questions:

  • What kind of design do you like?  Modern, traditional, relaxed, striking, unusual, or something completely original?
  • For a family home, how many bedrooms do you require?
  • Do you plan on expanding your family? 
  • Would you like separate living/ games/ rumpus room?
  • Is there a requirement for a separate study or will a study nook suffice?
  • Would you like to incorporate a mud room?

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